Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Busted a Cap!!!

This is the story of how three young want to be gangsta's decided to make their dreams turn into reality.

One wonderful weekend day Dan and Tan along with their sidekick Fran went to Seoul. So to get this straight, Dan, Tan and Fran took Bus 1000 on a ride to excitement. At the end of the bus ride they arrived at a land called Lotte World. Lotte World is unlike any other place on the planet. Some would say it is a horrible copy of Disneyland, or even better an attempt at a horrible copy of Disneyland. Well others would say that Lotte World is a place of self discovery. Our young comrades thought the latter.
They continued through the Lotte Department Store/Mall which stands in front of, and is a part of Lotte World. They went determinedly straight to the basement. After passing what looked to be a Kim Yu Na (Winter Olympic Gold Medalist Figure Skater) autograph sighting they headed to the ice rink. It may or may have not been confirmed that it was not in fact Kim Yu Na but instead some other famous Korean person in the Mall. Anyways, they were not distracted by the large crowd and journeyed on.
Our young gunslingers moved passed the super junior speed skating trails that were taking place on the ice rink. Above the rink they noticed the roof was a long distance from the basement floor. Looking above the open roof of the basement ice rink they could see Lotte World. Above in the distance was the mechanical hot air balloons that flew across the Lotte World sky. In the distance they could hear the ever so appropriate Scottish bagpipe band playing an anthem of domination.
The three prodigies of the future 2014 Winter Olympic Ski and Shoot biathlon were now entering the hall to the most appropriate afternoon activity in the Lotte Department store, a shooting range. Now you may be wondering if this was just another BB gun contest for a giant stuffed animal; well you would be wrong. This was in fact a real shooting range only for the skilled.
The Woman at the front desk immediately noticed their amazing capabilities and asked which piece they wanted to handle. Of course Fran stepped up and asked the only question they all wanted answered to help make their decision; which one was the loudest. She broke down all the different types from the girlie all the way to Dirty Harry style. They chose the Para P14-.45 Limited and threw on their bulletproof vests.
Fran AKA Franqua took the first go and stepped right into the booth to make some noise. As he pulled the trigger for the first time, he was instantly amazed at the lightening bolt of power that came out of his heater. His face of excitement and giddiness was priceless. Not too phased by the power, he stepped back up and fired nine more rounds. Fran came out victorious. He got his score card that read a 94 out of 100. He walked a little taller from that moment on.
Dan AKA Dizzy D was now on the clock. He smoothly braced the task at hand. He firmly placed his piece in his hands and began to throw lead. His first shot was a perfect 10, as if anyone would have thought otherwise. He continued to hit 10's until the man next to him proceeded to breathe a little heavily on him which just so happened to make Dizzy D produce two 9's. As Dizzy placed the hammer down he new he came so close to perfection. He did walk out of the booth with a swagger and he proudly held up his score of 98. There was only one more prodigy left.
Tan AKA LT not to mistaken with LT formally with S.D. but LT straight from the streets of P-Dale, that's right, the High Desert. We all know how they roll. LT took center stage and embraced her weapon of choice which was the same as Dizzy D and Franqua. She held her gat high and brutalized the target. You see in P-Dale they don't shoot for the 10 they make sure they make you bleed all over the board. The score was not important in the least. She stepped out of the booth ready to dominate the world.
The three young guns made their way out of the Lotte World area just waiting for anyone to make a move upon them. But as they expected the whole of Korea had already heard the story of how they laid the law upon the Lotte World Shooting Range. The three went in the history books that weekend and are forever placed in the memories of every man, woman and child. That day was a good day, and they didn't even have to use their AK.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010


This Easter was really enjoyable. Latanya and I decided to go for brunch with Jess and Fran. We actually had a lot of restaurants to choose from that were serving a Sunday brunch. We decided to go to this New York style deli. We all had a huge breakfast. My breakfast special had eggs, bacon, pancakes, country potatoes and toast. We were really satisfied. The food was good but the pancakes could have been fluffier. Other than that it was wonderful. After brunch we headed to Namdaemun to walk around the market area. We strolled around and found some really great shops. I found a stationary store that was amazing. Latanya also discovered her new love for stationary like me. After walking around we headed back home and called it a day. It was really nice going for an American style breakfast. I will admit that we might not be craving an American breakfast as much as we used to because Latanya can make an amazing omelet and we have Bisquick.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Dan and Tan's next adventure...

We are headed to Bali and Hong Kong this summer. Can't wait we will keep you posted on our next adventures.

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Andy Warhol

Dan and I are trying to explore Seoul more frequently. We decided to visit the Seoul Museum of Art. On our way to the bus the sky looked like the end of the world was upon us. The yellow dust from China had taken over. I seriously wonder why it's called Yellow dust there is nothing yellow about it, it resembles a volcano explosion with ash floating in the sky. We didn't realize that it was yellow dust until we saw copious amounts of Koreans in Seoul wearing masks. Before we headed to the museum, we stopped in Itaewon to locate a travel agent. After searching for 1 hour we finally found an agent only to be told a flight would be an astronomical price we decided to research ourselves. Before hoping on the subway we stopped at a Turkish kebab stand. We heard really good things about this place and decided to see what the fuss was about. I tell ya Korea has really made me courageous with food. I had a chicken kebab and adventurous Dan had a lamb kebab. It was absolutely amazing now every time I head into Itaewon the kebab place is a must stop. We eventually made our way to our destination trekking through the yellow dust. The Seoul Museum of Art was featuring an Andy Warhol exhibit. I was beyond excited to see his work up close and personal. The exhibit featured Warhol's work through out his career incorporating paintings, photographs, and installations from both his public and private collections. His interpretation of popular culture through art transformed images with an abstract expressionism changing the way we view visual art. It was great to experience Andy's "15 minutes" so to speak in Seoul. After the exhibit we walked to Myeongdong a popular shopping area in Seoul to rest our feet and check out the new H&M. H&M in Korea had a decent selection of clothes but it was overpriced defeating the purpose of shopping there and way too crowded. We ended the night at our local Fish n Grill with a strawberry soju cocktail.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Moving to JAPAN!!!

This may come to a shock but Latanya and I are moving to Japan. I know we can't believe it either. I mean wow! It kind of fell into our laps. We were talking to a friend of a friend who teaches there currently and were inquiring about university jobs. Well needless to say Latanya applied and she was offered a position in Osaka. We are sooooo excited and can't believe it. She will be making much more at the university. We are going to break our contracts in the Summer here in Korea and move to Osaka in August. We will be signing a new contract and everything. Well more info will follow. April fools. Ya, that is definitely not happening. We are still due to come back next March. Don't worry Fam and Friends we would not leave you again.