Sunday, May 30, 2010

Live Octopus and the Intestine of a Pig

Well lately I have been quite adventurous with food. A few weeks ago Fran (Franqua), Stephan (our Dutch friend) and I were up really late and felt like we wanted to have a little excursion to the local fish restaurant. Most fish restaurants in Korea display their fish in tanks outside, its actually nice to see what you will eat when its alive, if only it didn't look disgusting in its live form. So on Stephan's suggestion we decided to have live octopus not raw but live. Our fish guy promptly grab a fresh octopus out of the tank and cut him up for us. Then he slapped it on a plate and brought it to our table. The tentacles were moving all around. They were small pieces so it was easy to eat. It was hard however to get the little suckers (pun intended) in our chopstick's grasp. Once in our mouth we could feel the little suction cups stick to our tongues. It was really weird. You had to make sure to chew them otherwise you could possibly be in a lot of trouble if they go down still sucking. We were living dangerously. There was a little red sauce for dipping that made it even better. My personal thoughts on octopus is that I enjoy it, but in certain ways. I like it either raw or fried, anything in between just doesn't taste to good.
On another occasion I went out with all the male teacher's for a bonding guys night out. We ended up going to a restaurant that serves pig intestine. It was in fact quite delicious. It tastes similar to sausage yet much chewier. It had a lot of flavor and went well with the Soju that was flowing. Basically they bring a plate of cut up intestine to your grill and you grill it. It's as simple as that. Well that's enough food for thought for now.

100 Posts

We have officially past the 100 post mark. It's hard to believe that we have made that many. We hope you all have read every single one. Hehehe.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

My 5th Graders

My Co Teacher-Garam in Action

My 3rd Graders


The sun has finally come out in the ROK (Republic of Korea). Dan and I headed to Olympic Park for a picnic. Our picnic basket/Emart recyclable bag was packed with finger foods: deviled eggs, sweet potato salad, veggies, bread/sandwiches, vienna sausages with hot peppers, pepper jack cheese, and two bottles of wine. We tried to find a cozy quiet spot with ample amounts of grass...yes grass Hopeyeong's answer to grass is hay or AstroTurf. Everyone sitting in the park had already taken the shady spots hiding from the sun and we were trying to find a spot in the sun. Finally, we found a spot next to a soaring water fountain; laid out our  California King fitted bed sheet and unpacked our picnic basket. We munched on our food enjoying each others company all the while embracing the sun beams grazing our skin, laughter of family and friends, children running/playing, bugs crawling on our sheet and buzzing in your ears, the smell of fresh air and spring flowers.